Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Maxima to be regent

The Dutch Parliament today approved legislation that names Queen Maxima as regent for her eldest daughter,  Princess Amalia, the Princess of Orange.

This legislation will be valid only if King Willem-Alexander dies before Amalia reaches her eighteenth birthday.

Queen Maxima will also retain parental authority over her three daughters, and will be assisted by a five  member Board of Directors: the Vice President of the Council of State, the President of the Supreme Court, the President of the Audit Chamber, and two other members designated by the royal family.

If Queen Maxima dies before Willem-Alexander (and if he dies before Amalia's eighteenth birthday,  Prince Constantijn will become the Regent.

Queen Emma, the consort of Willem III, was named regent for her minor daughter, Wilhelmina, who was only eight years old when she succeeded to the throne in 1890.  She reached her majority in 1898.

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