Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Looking through some photos

Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of York   1986  Princess Margaret, Queen Mother, Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones and Lord Linley

arriving at the Commonwealth Games in July 1986 in Edinburgh.  Prince Edward is standing next to the Queen

the newly married Duke and Duchess of York

The Prince and Princess of Wales

All photos: copyright Marlene A. Eilers Koenig
Took these photos in 1986 at the wedding of the Duke of York to Sarah Ferguson I did not have a super long lens ..but I was based on the Victoria Memorial with other Press .. representing the Associated Press.


Michelle said...

do you ever look at these and think, "with the technology we have now, these would be even better"? i've only been to england once (well twice if you count coming back for a day going from france back to DC) and it just happened to be during the Diana fountain dedication. we got there about two hours before it started, and had prime spots right up against the railing. most of the senior royals (or at least the ones i'd heard of) were there. i had only gotten my first digital camera a couple months earlier for my high school graduation. i zoomed it in as far as it could go (or so i thought) and took the pictures. the ones of the Queen coming within feet of us were good, but the others, the stand they all sat on was pretty far back. only after i returned home to the US did i find out that in fact the "3x zoom" i thought was the maximum was just the initial stage! i could've zoomed it to 10x! furious doesn't even begin to describe my feeling at that moment. :-P

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

These were taken with a SLR, and about a 150 meter lens, not one of the huge lens. Just finished putting together another Shutterfly album - this time for my 1986 trip to England.
Takes so long to scan all the photos.