Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Carol in Paris, but Paris ignores Madga

November 20, 1938

King Carol II and Crown Prince Michael of Romania are in Paris for an official visit, but missing from the official guest list is Magda Lupescu, for whom Carol "once renounced his right to the throne and accepted romantic exile in France."

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the King sent roses to Lupescu's apartment in the Hotel Meurice, where Carol and his son also are staying.

Since becoming king in 1930, Carol II has never been seen in public with Mme Lupescu , and her arrival in Paris has been "discreetly ignored by the press."
But her presence is "considered significant" with regard to Romanian policy, which the King has been discussing in London, Brussels, and now Paris.  Despite pressure from the growing number of pro-Nazi groups in Romania, the country will continue "to oppose expansion of Germany in eastern Europe."

Magda Lupescu is part Jewish.  She supports cooperation with "western democracies."  As long as Carol and Lupescu continue their romance,  French observers believe it will be difficult "to see how Nazi ideology can sweep Romania."

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