Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Princess of Fürstenberg & family

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection
This image of Irma, the Princess of Furstenberg (nee Countess of Schönborn-Buchheim) and her five children was taken circa 1900, as her youngest son, Prince Friedrich Eduard was born in 1898, and looks about two years old.  He was killed in action in Romania in 1916.

Irma married Maximilian Egon II Prince of Furstenberg in 1889.  Their first child, Karl Egon IV (1891-1973) was married twice and died without issue.  Princess Leontine (1892-1979) was the wife of Hugo, Prince of Windisch-Graetz.   Princess Anna (1894-1928) married Franz, Prince of Khvenhüller-Metsch.  The second youngest son, Prince Maximilian (1896-1969)  married Countess Wilhelmine of Schönburg-Glauchau.  Their eldest son, Joachim Egon, (1923-2002) succeed Karl Egon, as Prince of Furstenberg.

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