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Princess Anastasia near death

August 28, 1923

Princess Anastasia of Greece is "lying near death in her London home," reports the Associated Press.    At times, she is "in a semi-comatose condition, alternating with a lucid state."

The Princess is not in pain, but due to her "greatly weakened condition," she has been unable to take nourishment apart from the "very smallest quantities of liquid nourishment."

Several British and American cancer specialists have been treating the Ohio-born princess, who married Prince Christopher of Greece in 1920.  The offer "scan hope" for her recovery.

Princess Anastasia's family hope that she may survive until the arrival of her sister, Mrs. Green, who sailed aboard the Mauritania from New York earlier today.

Prince Christopher remains at his wife's bedside, "ministering to and comforting" her.   The Princess is unaware of the severity of her illness.

Her son, William B. Leeds, who married Princess Xenia of Russia, in 1921, is also with his mother.  He is her only child.  Anastasia, the former Nancy Stewart, is the widow of William B Leeds, the American tin plate magnate.

Queen Olga has also been paying visits to her daughter-in-law.

Princess Anastasia first became ill in June, when she "suffered an attack of jaundice.  This developed into an intestinal infection, and she was operated at Athens in June.   Since the she has undergone "no less than for operations,"  all of which "seemingly had only a palliative effect."

Her doctors are trying to make her as comfortable as possible. 

The Princess has been receiving the interest from a trust fund set up by her late husband.  After her death, the income will pass to her son, William.   According to the late Mr. Leeds' will, the entire trust fund, now worth about $25 million, will be inherited by the younger William's children.  If he has no offspring, the inheritance will revert to the New York Lying-in Hospital.

It is not known what provisions, if any, Princess Anastasia has made for her husband, although it is assumed that he will have a "fair share of her fortune."

The couple are "genuinely devoted" to each other, and their "domestic life has been characterized by exception happiness."

Princess Anastasia and Prince Christopher have been renting Spencer House in London.

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