Thursday, August 29, 2013

Princess Anastasia dead

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August 29, 1923

The Associated Press is reporting the death of Princess Anastasia, wife of Prince Christopher of Greece.   The Princess, the widow of American tin plate magnate, William B. Leeds, died "peacefully" at Spencer House, her London residence at 11:55 this morning.

She died "without regaining consciousness."  

Prince Christopher, Queen Dowager Olga, William B. Leeds, Jr., and his wife Princess Xenia of Russia and other members of the family were present at the princess' bedside when she died.

The cause of death is cancer "complicated by cirrhosis of the liver."  It is understood that the princess' body will be sent to the United States for internment.  She will be placed in a family mausoleum at the Woodlawn Cemetery in New York, where her parents are interred. 

She received the last sacrament from an English-speaking Russian Orthodox priest.  The princess became a member of the Greek Orthodox church when she married Prince Christopher.   It was "impossible" to find a Greek priest in London, so a Russian priest came in to provide assistance.

Prince Christopher is said to "prostrate" with grief.

Queen Dowager Olga and Princess Anastasia's secretary, Emma Parmentier, "denied themselves food and rest in  order to comfort their parent."

Queen Mother Alexandra called Prince Christopher, who is her nephew, to offer the "sympathy of the British Royal Family.

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