Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alexandria catches royal fever!

Golden Rhodes

Market Place

Not a shop, but an alley.

Golden Rhodes

Bishop Boutique
These photos were taken during the past week in Old Town Alexandria.  All the shops are on King Street. 

Just across the Potomac River in Maryland is Prince George's County, named for Prince George of Denmark, consort of Queen Anne (for which Annapolis, Maryland, is named.)

Many of Virginia's 95 counties and independent cities have royal names:, Amelia (George II's daughter), Augusta (of Saxe-Gotha, mother of George III) Brunswick (for the Duchy of Brunswick-Luneburg), Caroline (Queen Caroline, consort of George II), Charles City (for Charles I),  Charlotte (Queen Charlotte, consort of George III), Cumberland (Prince William, Duke of Cumberland, son of George II), Fluvanna (in honor of Queen Anne), Frederick (Frederick, Prince of Wales, son of George II, married to Augusta of Saxe-Gotha), Hanover (for the royal house of Hannover), Henrico (Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, son of James I), James City (James I), King and Queen (William III and Mary), King George (King George I), King William (King William III), Louisa (Princess Louise, youngest daughter of George II), Lunenburg (for Brunswick-Lunenburg), Mecklenburg (for Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, consort of George III), Orange (William III), Prince Edward (Prince Edward, Duke of York and Albany, brother of George III), Prince George (Prince George of Denmark, consort of Queen Anne), Prince William (Prince William, son of George II), Richmond (Charles Lennox, first Duke of Richmond, natural son of Charles II), York )James, Duke of York, later James II), Charlottesville (for Queen Charlotte consort of George III), Fredericksburg (Frederick, Prince of Wales, son of George II), Williamsburg (William III).

Virginia is named for Elizabeth I, known as the Virgin Queen.

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