Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Princess Hermine nurses pilots

September 25, 1922

Princess Hermine Reuss, the fiancee of former Kaiser Wilhelm II,  came to the rescue of three pilots and an American correspondent "whose airplane turned upside down" while circling her estate in Saabor, Silesia, the Associated Press reports.  Two of the three men suffered serious injuries.

The four men were taking to a hunting lodge on the estate.  Princess Hermine,  who had just returned from a visit to the Grand Duchess of Baden, "hastened with her children" to attend to the injured men's needs. 

The four men "were highly enthusiastic in their comments" about Princess Hermine's attractiveness.  They said she had a "charming, sympathetic personality," and all praised Kaiser Wilhelm's taste."

The trip was taken to "secure an aerial photograph" of Schloss Saabor.

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