Friday, September 28, 2012

Leopold's quarrel with his daughter Stephanie

September 29, 1902

By cablegram to the New York Times.

The Neues Wiener Tageblatt has published an alleged "authentic account" by "a lady belonging to the suite" of Princess Stéphanie, Countess Lonyay, on the incident between King Leopold II and his daughter on September 21.

The New York Times' Vienna corresponded translated the article:  "It was 4 o;clock when the King arrived from Bagnieres-de-Luchon. Princess Stéphanie was kneeling before her mother's coffin, wrapped in fervent devolution.  Princess Clémentine, with ladies of the palace, informed her that the King would not see her and would not allow her to be present at the funeral.
"Princess Stéphanie, still kneeling before her mother's coffin, uttered a short prayer, and then left the house. The assembled crowed witnesses this act of utter cruelty."

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