Friday, September 21, 2012

Earl & Countess of St. Andrews in Canada

The Earl and Countess of St. Andrews are visiting the Countess' birthplace, Placentia, Newfoundland, which is celebrating its 350th birthday.

The former Sylvana Tomaselli was born in Placentia in May 1958.  Her father, a civil engineer, worked on the America base in Argentia.  

This is the Countess' first visit to her birthplace since leaving when she was a toddler.

The reporter gets it wrong when he writes that the Queen will decide if George will succeed as Duke of Kent.   The Earl of St. Andrews will succeed his father as the Duke of Kent, but with his succession, the title ceases to be a royal dukedom, as the new duke will be addressed as Your Grace, and not as Your Royal Highness.,-Union-Jacks-and-a-full-narrative/1

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