Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Denmark considering changing the succession

September 4, 1952

One of a series of constitutional amendments now under discussion will allow King Frederik IX's eldest daughter, 12-year-old Princess Margrethe, succeed to the throne.  The current succession law is based on Salic law, which does not allow for female inheritance. 

King Frederik and Queen Ingrid have three daughters, and no sons.  The King's heir is his younger brother, Hereditary Prince Knud.

The New York Times reports that the change to the succession law could be adopted by the Danish Parliament this fall, which would be followed by a "popular referendum."

Helga Petersen, the Minister of Justice, sponsored the bill, giving the eldest child, regardless of sex, the right of succession.  But Aksel Moeller, Minister of Housing, thought this idea "was too radical a change," and offered a compromise "on the British pattern," allowing a girl to succeed to the throne if she did not have any brothers.  The government majority has adopted this compromise.

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