Friday, September 28, 2012

Constantine may go to Denmark

September 29, 1922

Former King Constantine of the Hellenes may go to Denmark to live, according to a statement made to the Associated Press earlier tonight. The statement was made by Marshall  of the Greek court and the King's younger brother, Prince Christopher.

The marshal told the AP that the king is also a prince of Denmark, as his father, King George I, was a Prince of Denmark.  He added that "unless Denmark raises objections,  Constantine will probably move there.  He will return to Lucerne "only as a last resort."

The marshal also spoke on behalf of Prince Christopher, who is married to Nancy Leeds, the widow of William  B. Leeds, the American "tin-plate king."

"So far as Prince and Princess Christopher are concerned,there is no question of their ascending the Greek throne.  They are both quite happy in Paris, and they do not believe their happiness would be increased by assuming the throne, especially under existing circumstances.

"Furthermore, Prince Christopher is the last in a long line of successor to the throne.  If Prince George later abdicates, then Prince Paul, the youngest son of Constantine, would succeed. After him comes Prince George, Constantine's brother, who lives in St. Cloud, France and is married to Princess Marie Bonaparte.

"Two other brothers of the King, Prince Nicholas and Prince Andrew and their respective sons, then are in line, and only after these six possible successors does Christopher figure as being eligible for the throne.

"Princess Christopher has made no plans for Constantine's exile.  Reports that she intends to give him a house in New York are without foundation.  Constantine has not even notified Prince and Princess Christopher of his abdication."

Prince Christopher and his wife, who is also known as Princess Anastasia, are "living quietly at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.   Although they are interested in Greece's situation, they "intend to remain entirely aloof from any political activity there."

[It appears that Constantine's spokesman was a little shaky on the succession. Prince George and Princess Marie were the parents of a son, Prince Peter.  Prince Nicholas was the father of three daughters, but no sons.  Prince Andrew's only son, Philip, was born in June 1921.]

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