Friday, September 28, 2012

Another one falls for the faux Lord Rob

Why?  Why?  Why .. do these "royal" experts write about royalty, when, in fact, they don't know what they are talking about.  

Such is the case of this latest article "Secret Princes Star Lord Robert Walters talks Bromance with William and Harry and his Six Pack video."

Walters insisted that the writer, Kelly Lynch, call him Rob ... and not Lord Rob.  Of course, she should call him Rob.  Let me repeat for the very dense and uniformed.  Robert Walters is not royal, nor he is Lord Robert.  He is NOT the younger son of a duke or a marquess. 

Lynch said she didn't curtsy.  Smart.   You don't curtsy to commoners, unless your mother makes you curtsy to your elderly German relatives (and you are only eight years old).   Yes, that was me!

Walters allegedly inherited a Lordship of the Manor.  This does not make him a peer or give him the right to call himself Lord Rob.   I sincerely doubt the manor actually exists these days as Rob himself said as his father lived in Spain.

Unless there is a DNA test to prove that Catherine Carey was Henry VIII's daughter,  Henry has no descendants.

Henry was the father of four surviving children:  Mary I (Catherine of Aragon), Elizabeth I (Anne Boleyn), Edward VI (Jane Seymour) and Henry Fitzroy, whose mother was Bessie Blount.

Thus, as far as anyone knows, Henry VIII does not have any living descendants.  

Moreover,  Henry was not Lord of the Manor before he became King.   He was Duke of York, and after the death of his elder brother, Arthur,  he succeeded as Duke of Cornwall and was named as Prince of Wales.  

I also do not think that Rob is best buds with William or Harry.  He does not move in their lofty circles.

Check your Debrett's Peerage.  Dust off the Burke's Peerage. Pull out your copy of Debrett's Correct Form.   Give the facts, not made up froth.  It's getting embarrassing. 



carlos bernad said...

its nice story said...

Not sure if your aware of this one:

Please do publish your findings.

Viscount of Puglia said...


My title is Stefan Leone De Medici Emmanuel. Viscount of Puglia.

My mother is HSH Antonietta, Countess of Torremaggiore. And my great grandperents where HRH The Duke and Duchess of Puglia.

Are you saying that me and my family are commoners!??

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

More like a fraud. The Duke of Puglia is Prince Aimone of Savoy. Italian countesses are not Serene Highnesses, which is largely reserved for mediatized families and the princely families of Monaco and Liechtenstein ...

Viscount of Puglia said...

excuse me.....?
If you could read properly my Great Grandperents,
Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Duke of Aosta and Princess Hélène of Orléans. AND which was one of there titles were 'HRH The Duke and Duchess of Pulgia.'
My mothers, mother was Princess of Monaco, giving my mother the title of HSH in 2005.
How dare you call me a fraud. and coming from the De Medici blood line, one of the most historic families of the eightteath centery.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

You are tangoing with the wrong person. The Duke and Duchess of Aosta had two sons: Amedeo (1898-1942) who married his first cousin, Anne of France and Aimone (1904-1948) who married Princess Irene of Greece (a descendant of Queen Victoria, and I know a lot about Queen Victoria's descendants, having written two books on the topic.)

Amedeo and Anne had two daughters, Margherita who married Archduke Robert of Austria and Maria Cristina who married Prince Casimiro of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies. They have descendants. One of Margherita's sons, Lorenz, is married to Princess Astrid of Belgium, daughter of King Albert II.
Aimone and Irene have one son, Amedeo, the present Duke of Aosta, who has three children by his first wife, Claude of France, and none by his second wife. Two daughters and one son, Aimone, who is is the Duke of Apulia/Puglia. He is married to Olga of Greece and they have two small sons.

In 2005,the only princesses of Monaco were Caroline and Stephanie, daughters of Rainier III and Grace Kelly, and Princess Antoinette, Baroness de Massy, Rainier's older sister (who had three children out of wedlock - and then married the father). No princess of Monaco has the power to give anyone the HSH.

Yes, the title Duke of Apulia (or Puglia) is in this family - and the title is used by Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta, son of the Duke of Aosta ... and I actually know the Duke of Aosta ...

Brandy P said...

That is an amusing read:)