Thursday, September 20, 2012

A secret marriage for Dom Miguel

September 20, 19908

Has Prince Miguel of Braganza, eldest son of Dom Miguel, pretender to the Portuguese throne, married a rich American widow, Mrs Samuel Sloan Chauncey?    The report in the New York Times is based on a dispatch from Paris, stating that the Prince recently married Mrs. Chauncey.

Samuel Chauncey died in 1899, leaving "the most beautiful widow in the world."   The former Alice Louise Carr was the daughter of George Montgomery Carr, a local politician from Leavenworth, Indiana.   The family had moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where Carr died, leaving his estate "amounting to $8,000 in life insurance."   The family returned to Leavenworth, where Alice caught the attention of Dr. George Griffith, a local doctor, who invited her to meet his daughters, and "introduced her to society."

After the death of her brother, Dr. Griffith and his family took Alice to Florida, where she met Samuel Chauncey.  They were married in 1894. 

After the wedding, the newlyweds settled in Brooklyn.   Several years later, Chauncey became seriously ill, and Alice "forsook society completely that she might be with him all the time."   She inherited $1,500,000 after his death.

Alice's friends say she has "retained much of her youthful beauty."

Prince Miguel was born in 1878.  He is a son of Dom Miguel and his first wife, Princess Elisabeth of Thurn und Taxis.

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