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Yes, Gerald Lascelles is engaged to a canteen worker

August 28, 1942

The Hon. Gerald Lascelles, the 18-year-old nephew of King George VI, is engaged to be married, reports the Associated Press.  The engagement was confirmed by the mother of 17-year-old June Morris, a dark haired canteen worker.

"Yes, they are engaged, and there is no thought of calling it off," said Mrs. Morris. "The way circumstances are now, they will just wait until Gerald is 21."

June will celebrate her 18th birthday on June 24, 1943.    Her mother added:  "We want to make it clear that June is an English girl.  She was born in London, and went to school in England."

The Hon. Gerald Lascelles is the younger son of Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, and her husband, the Earl of Harewood.

The first edition of the London Daily Mirror "published a report of the engagement," but the article was "eliminated" from further editions.

A Mirror official told the AP that the story was dropped after the paper received a request "from a high official official who could not be disregarded."

Mrs. Morris confirmed quotations attributed to her daughter June, which were published in the Mirror's first edition story. 

"It doesn't matter to me who he is. I can't help his being the son of an earl. I fell in love with Gerald before I knew who he was when I met him on a bus."

The Morris family lives in Moortown, near Leeds.  June's father, W.S. Morris is stationed at York.  The first edition of the Mirror also published a letter written by Lord Harewood to June's father. 

"Obviously both you and I agree that the marriage between your daughter and my son cannot be countenanced by us before my son is 21, i.e, after three years.  I am doubtful if it is possible even then."

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