Friday, August 17, 2012

The Hamiltons continue their battle

August 17, 1902

Despite all efforts by members of the British royal family to "bring about a reconciliation" between Olga and Archie Hamilton, and to "prevent their matrimonial troubles being aired publicly in the divorce court,  Mrs. Hamilton ha applied for an "order for the restitution of conjugal rights."

This order is, according to the Marquise de Fontenoy's latest column, is the first step toward securing "a judicial separation on the ground of abandonment, and eventually a divorce."

The very pretty and "ultra fashionable woman," Olga Mary Hamilton is the only daughter of Admirable Adolphus Fitzgeorge, middle son of the Duke of Cambridge. 

The Duke of Cambridge is a grandson of King George III, and a first cousin of the late Queen Victoria.  Victoria's son, King Edward VII, and his wife, Queen Alexandra, were among the guests at Olga's wedding to C.E. Archibald Hamilton in 1897.   She gave birth to a son a year later.

Mrs. Hamilton was born in Athens, where her father was serving with the Mediterranean fleet. She was name for her godmother, Queen Olga of the Hellenes.

Mr. Hamilton is the eldest son of Sr Edward Archibald Hamilton of the Mount, Middlesex.

The marital discord arose from Mrs. Hamilton's reputation of spending too much money, and her husband's endeavors to "check her expenditures."  But the marriage finally broke down after Mrs. Hamilton opened a "manicure and beautifying establishment" just off Bond Street in London.  She put her husband's name above the door, much to Archie's displeasure.  It was this action hat led to Archie Hamilton leaving his wife.

Olga Hamilton is far too "headstrong and capricious" to submit to her husband's control, and no one believes that a reconciliation will take place.
The couple's son, George Edward Archibald Augustus FitzGeorge-Hamilton, was born on December 30, 1898.   In May of this year,  Mrs. Hamilton gave birth to a daughter who lived for only a few hours.

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