Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Princess Friedrich Karl robbed at Victoria Station

August 13, 1912

Princess Friedrich Karl of Hesse, youngest sister of Kaiser Wilhelm II,  was robbed last Saturday "of costly jewelry" at London's Victoria Station, reports the New York Times.  The Princess was starting her journey to return home to Germany.

She was "surrounded by members of the British royal family and a number of foreign diplomats," who had accompanied the princess to the station, to bid their farewells. 

Police "took strict precautions" to keep people at a distance, but as soon as the train's engines started, the "bags containing the valuables were missed."

The police tried to keep the robbery a secret, and it only became known earlier today, when descriptions of the priceless jewels," were released by Scotland Yard.

The princess is the former Princess Margarethe of Hesse, whose mother, Victoria, was Queen Victoria's eldest child.  She is a first cousin of King George V.

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