Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prince Harry and the crown jewels

Oh, dear.  What happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas.   Prince Harry of Wales, third in line to the British throne, appears to have gotten soused, and lost at strip billiards.  He decided to chill out in Vegas at a posh resort before heading California for a reception in honor of his charity, Sentebale.  After "beating" Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte in a swimming race,  Harry, the ever charming lad, picked up a few scantily clad girls at the pool, and decamped to his room for more fun.

I am sure Harry's antics were fueled by too much booze in the tank.  But these new found slut puppies ... er um .. friends .. came with their Smartphones.  Smartphones have cameras.  Need I say more, people.  Do these women have any moral compasses?  Are they aware of what "personal responsibility" means?  Absolutely not. Their favorite song must be "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"  

Prince Harry, who turns 28 in a few weeks, has done some really stupid things in his well-photographed life.  Dressing up as a Nazi, a few drunken racial slurs, those sort of embarrassing things that don't escape the scrutiny of the press. 

Oh, but poor Harry lost his mother when he was so young.  Diana's death caused a terrible void in Harry's life, but let's be realistic.  Harry's behavior cannot be blamed on the loss of his mother.  How many children lost a parent on 9-11 or in a car accident, or killed in action?  How many of these young people grow up and do stupid things.  I think Harry would have been the bad boy even if his mother were still alive. 

Think Princess Margaret.  Younger sibling.  Indulged.  Spoiled.  Substance abuse issues.  Crazy antics.  Stupid remarks (Irish & pigs in the same sentence during a visit to Chicago some years ago.) 

The photos will not be published in UK newspapers because the PCC announced earlier today that the photographs violate Harry's privacy. I think Harry violated his own privacy by taking his clothes off in front of strangers.  In Vegas, baby, Vegas.  Not Blackpool, but the ultimate Sin City: Vegas!

British newspapers may not be able to publish the photographs, but no one in Britain is prevented from seeing them.  An Irish newspaper has decided that Harry and his cupping of his jewels (private parts) is front page news.  The grainy photographs first appeared -- where else -- on the TMZ website and have now gone viral. 

Prince Harry has made a quick exit from the USA, and is now en route home, where he will face his commanding officer in an "interview without coffee,"  his dad, his brother and sister-in-law, and, oh, his grandmother, who was so proud of his Jubilee duties. 

I really think the Way Ahead group has to re look at bringing the York princesses into the fold.  Britain needs more distaff members taking on royal duties. 

Harry is not the first to be caught sans pants (or much else.)  Andrew got photographed skinny dipping, and the Prince of Wales, while in France at a chateau, stepped out of shower and walked past a window .... and got right into the viewfinder of a very long lens ... now that's invading privacy. 

Before you ask, yes, Clarence House has acknowledged that the photographs are of Prince Harry. 

Before all of this happened, I considered the Vegas trip to be a breather before Harry was sent back to the front.   Now I am not so sure what he will be doing next.

The photographs embarrass Harry, and no one else.  Not the monarchy, not the Queen, and not even the country.    The real question that should be asked:  is there a substance abuse (alcohol) issue that must be addressed before Harry gets into another scrape.

It also should be noted that the US has a different view of privacy than in Europe.  If this happened outside, in a public space, Harry would not be able to say that his privacy was invaded.  But according to laws here in the USA, a hotel room is one of the places that a person is deemed to be "private."   

TMZ has broken the law by publishing these photos.


MAXny said...

Good piece especially the line, "Harry violated his own privacy".

Hopewell said...

I think Harry would have been totally out-of-control if Di had lived. She'd likely have indulged him more and not made him try to grow up--if only to "tweak" Charles. 28 is a bit old to be boozing it up naked like an over-age frat boy. I'd sure hate to be his "security" officer. While they aren't supposed to stop them from acting stupid, this is one case when maybe the security person should have said, "Sorry, sir--off to your own room now for the night!"

Hopewell said...

I agree on the possible substance abuse. I've often thought Di and Fergie likely had that no matter what other explanations have been offered for their behavior. Diana was loaded with cash before she married and both traveled in high-flying circles that took drugs as part of the "fun" when they wanted to.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Diana was never a part of any high society circle that used drugs, per se She could not even survive finishing school in Switzerland. She barely dated anyone before having an arranged marriage with Charles. She did not party. She wiped kids' noses and babysat, and cleaned her sister's flat. Her sister, Sarah, was the one who had a tippling problem, but Diana's issues stemmed her own emotional problems.

John said...

I agree, the two Yorkies should be brought into the fold as their work and school schedule permits. Despite their flaky mother, I think they seem like nice girls and eager to have a role.