Monday, August 13, 2012

Prince Carl Philip attacked in France

Credit:  Royal Palace, Sweden
Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, third in line to the throne, was attacked outside a French nightclub this weekend.  He told reporters "this is an incident that we want to handle privately."

Carl Philip and his girlfriend, Sofie Hellquist, were leaving the Baoli nightclub in Cannes at around 3 a.m., Saturday, when he was assaulted by an unknown assailant.

"It's been an emotional and overwhelming experience.  We feel fine considering the circumstances, but this is an incident that we want to handle privately," the 33-year-old prince told a reporter from Aftonbladet, a  Swedish newspaper.

Miss Hellquist tried to diffuse the situation.  "We had a pleasant night with our nearest and dearest," she told Aftonbladet.  "When we were leaving, Carl Philip was attacked by a stranger.

Miss Hellquist also dismissed reports that the attacker was an acquaintance.  "We've heard from several people that our near friends were involved, and we truly want to highlight that this is not the case."

The Royal Court said the Prince's schedule has not been affected, and the attack is being investigated.  "We're considering how we can proceed with a possible lawsuit. This will be decided this week," said Bertil Ternert, the official spokesman for the Swedish royal family.

On Sunday, the Royal Palace's press office released an official statement regarding the attack.  Prince Carl Philip was with a companion (not named) when he was attacked in Cannes. The attack was unprovoked.  Carl Philip was not injured.

The first link includes a video of the attack.

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