Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marta says King Alfonso wants her to marry his son

August 15, 1936

Marta Rocafort, a 22-year-old Cuban beauty, is said to be the "latest heart interest" of the Count of Covadonga, the eldest son of former King Alfonso XIII.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Miss Rocafort says she "plans to marry the count" as soon as his marriage to another Cuban beauty, Edelmira Sampedro."  She says the honeymoon will be spent in Austria.

"We have accepted an invitation to be the guests of my future father-in-law.  I have letters from him expressing a desire to meet me and call me his daughter.  We will meet former Queen Victoria in London, and go together to see him. The count's parents have been reconciled."

Miss Rocafort was also asked if her fiancee, who renounced his rights to the Spanish throne when he married Edelmira Sampedro, was as poor "as his wife has asserted." 

"The count has a large fortune and only works for sport in New York.  He wants to prove to his father that he is a real man and can earn his own living."

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