Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So what did David think of Jolanda?

The European press tried to arrange a marriage between the Prince of Wales and Princess Jolanda of Savoy on several occasions, never acknowledging that a marriage would be impossible due to religion.  Princess Jolanda was a devout Roman Catholic, and unlikely to join the Anglican church.  

In a letter written to his then mistress, Mrs. Freda Dudley Ward,  the Prince of Wales wrote (on February 19, 1919 from the Hotel Meurice in Paris):  "My own beloved sweetheart,  ....I had to hurry back to call on the Queen of Italy & manage to see her about 7:00  & her 2 eldest daughters who are with her, though I was dismissed after  10 minutes....I'm in a fever & mad, darling, as these ---- French papers are full of my engagement to the Queen's eldest girl as being good as official today!!!....I've asked the Embassy to get at the French press & insist upon an immediate contradiction ... it naturally infuriates me, particularly as the girl has a face like a bottom!!!"

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