Friday, July 27, 2012

Royals at the Olympics

London will be awash with royals -- and not only members of the British royal family ...

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Laura said...

I saw a comment of yours on the Telegraph live feed for the Opening Ceremony!

Reader Marlene Koenig writes from Alexandria, VA: " After 4 pm, I am not looking at my emails, my twitter, my text or anything that might tell me about the Opening Ceremonies, which are not seen live in the USA. I recently returned from my 46th visit to the UK (for the Diamond Jubilee. Trust me, the Brits can match the Americans for patriotism, waving the red, white and blue, any time, any day.

I want to be surprised when I watch the ceremonies, and cheer for my team, and the UK team. Wearing my Team USA (Ralph Lauren) shirt today at work, and changing later into my team GB t-shirt that I bought at John Lewis at the Westfield shopping centre. I've seen the stadium (in the rain.)

Making a pitcher of Pimm's to bring to friends' to watch the OC on a huge screen ... It will be wonderful, and wonderfully British ..."