Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prince Albert of Saxony: conciliatory statement

Only members of the late Margrave of Meissen's immediate family were present in the small chapel at Brennbichl, near Innsbruck, for the funeral of the late head of the Saxon Royal Family.

HRH Prince Maria Emanuel of Saxony, Margrave of Meissen, Duke of Saxony, was laid to rest in a sealed zinc coffin, which was placed inside an oak coffin. 

The mourners included the late Margrave's grieving widow, Princess Anastasia Luise,  the late Margrave's brother, Prince Albert of Saxony, and the new Margrave of Meissen, Prince Alexander and his wife  Princess Gisela of Bavaria and their four children.

Prince Albert and Prince Alexander had a prior meeting in the chapel before the funeral. There appears to be a rapprochement between Prince Albert and his nephew, as the elder prince issued a statement: "I just want peace in the royal house." 


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