Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Michael proclaimed Tsar

July 3, 1918

Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich, younger brother of former Emperor Nicholas II, has been proclaimed Tsar, reports the NewYork Times.  The report is based on a dispatch sent to Amsterdam by the Ukrainian Telegraph Bureau.  The new emperor is "said to be marching with the Czechoslovaks against Moscow."

There are also reports published in the Danish newspaper, Berlinske Tidende, that several members of the former imperial family, "took passage on a steamer" that recently sailed from the Murman coast on the White Sea.  The report is based on a Russian who was also on board the ship.  He said that these members had "escaped from a train" en route to Perm, presumably taken from Ekaterinburg.

The Petrograd correspondent for The Times (of London) said rumors about the murder of Nicholas II can be "neither confirmed nor disproved."  The correspondent also said that the report of Michael's escape "seems to have better foundation."  But he cannot "throw any light" on the report that the former Tsarevitch, Alexis, has died.

"Every time this kind of prominence is given to the Romanov family the people think that something serious is afoot.  The Bolsheviki are getting impatient at these frequent surmises about the deposed dynasty, and the question again is raised of absolutely settling the fate of the Romanovs, so as to be done with them."

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