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Looking for Alexander von Waldenburg

July 16, 1908

German and American officials are trying to locate the whereabouts of Alexander von Waldenburg, the 38-year-old grandson of the late Prince August of Prussia and his "fair friend," Friederike Wichmann.   According to the Marquise de Fontenoy,  Wichmann was "ennobled and accord the name von Waldenburg" at the insistence of Prince August.

Prince August "left two families of illegitimate children" when he died.  Most of his "immense property" returned to the "reigning house," but he did leave several estates "in trust for his progeny."

Family members now want to sell "a certain portion" of the estates, and share the proceeds with the prince's living descendants.  The sale has been approved by all of the living descendants with the exception of Alexander von Waldenburg.  He was last living in Tottenville, Staten Island.

Alexander's consent is needed to finalize the sale of the properties.  His personal share will be about $25,000.

Prince August (1779-1843) was the son of Prince Ferdinand of Prussia, who was himself the younger brother of Friedrich the Great.  Prince Ferdinand left Bellvue Palace to his son, Prince August, who lived there with "women who have been wrong described as his morganatic wives."

One of these women was Friederike Wichmann.  The other woman was Marie Arndt, who was created Baroness von Prillwitz.  One of their daughters married Count Harry Arnim, who served as Germany's ambassador to France, and died in exile, having "incurred the enmity of Bismarck."

Friederike and Prince August had three daughters, all of whom died unmarried, and a son, Eduard, who eventually headed his father's household.  He had two sons and two daughters.  The eldest son, Eduard, married a Scotswoman, Selina Grieg, whose father was a gentleman-in-waiting to King George IV.   Their eldest son, Alexander, is the "man now being sought for."

Alexander's full name is  Edward Alexander Forins Charles Saunders von Waldenburg

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