Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sans husband, Infanta Cristina off to Marivent

El Mundo is reporting that Infanta Cristina and her four children will have a short holiday at Marvient in Mallorca next week.  Cristina and her children will be spending time with Queen Sofia and Infanta Elena and her two children. 

Queen Sofia will be attending the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in London on July 27, and then she will travel to Majorca to be with her daughters and their children.

Cristina's husband, Iñaki Udangarin, will not be joining her in Majorca, as he is no longer included in family events.  Neither the King nor the Prince and Princess of Asturias and their daughters will be in Majorca when Cristina is there.  They won't arrive until early August, after Cristina and her children return, presumably, to their exile (I mean home) in Bethesda, Maryland.

Neither Infanta Elena nor Infanta Cristina will be attending the official dinner at Marvient on August 8, where the guests will include the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and other government officials.  The King will be present for this event.

The Prince of Asturias will be attending the closing ceremony for the Olympic Games on August 12.


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