Thursday, July 5, 2012

French camp for Princess Anne

July 5, 1962

Princess Anne, 11-year-old-daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, will be spending the next week in Loire Valley. 

She arrived in France today and will be staying with the Marquis Louis de Saint Genys and his family.  She received a warm welcome from the Marquis and Marquise when she arrived at their home.  The couple have a daughter who is the same age as Anne.

A Buckingham Palace official refused to provide further information on Princess Anne's visit, noting that the "press of Britain, France and probably Italy would be camped on the doorstep."

The princess traveled with her bodyguard.   Police will provide protection outside the chateau for the duration of Princess Anne's visit.

It is understood that Anne will be required to speak only French during her visit. 

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