Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Princess Pilar passes first Special Olympics test

Princess Ursula says her daughter, Princess Pilar, "is terribly nervous, but so am I."

Yesterday, Princess Pilar, 33, completed the first round of competition for the Special Olympics.  The equestrian events took place at Thann.   The princess, who is the daughter of Prince Leopold of Bavaria,  rode Zwergi, a horse "designed specifically for the therapeutic riding."

Her very proud mom noted: "For Pilar, riding is simply the greatest."

Princess Pilar suffers from  autism and other mental disabilities due to an anesthesia error when she was born.  She needs "strict supervision."   But for her parents,  Pilar "is just our daughter and she is integrated into normal family life," said Princess Ursula.

Princess Pilar now lives in a special facility at Steinhöring.  Princess Ursula admits that the decision to move her daughter "was pretty hard for me."   Princess Pilar lives in a room with furniture from her home.

Along with horse riding, Princess Pilar enjoys painting and dancing.  The final results of the competition will be known tomorrow, when Pilar and her family will learn if she will be able to compete in the Special Olympics.

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