Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Princess Alexis Karageorgevich is dead

June 26, 1938

Princess Alexis Karageorgevich died today at Cannes.  She was 77 years old, reports the New York Times.

The princess was born Myra Abigail Pankhurst, the daughter of John Pankhurst of New York.  She married Prince Alexis, whose father, George, was a first cousin of the late King Peter of Serbia in the Russian Church in Paris on June 11, 1913.  The late Myron T. Herrick, the then American Ambassador to France, and Prince Arsene Karageorgevich, were the witnesses to the marriage.  Prince Arsene was the younger brother of King Peter.

Prince Alexis died in 1920.  The
The Princess was previously married to Huger Pratt of New York City.  For the last decade, she lived at the Villa Florentina in Cannes.  It was at her home where her granddaughter, Atalanta Mercati, married writer Michael Arlen.

The Princess was known as Daria.  Prince Alexis was her third husband.  Her first husband was Herbert Wright, by whom she had one daughter, Harriet, who is 1901, married Count Alexander Mercati. Her second husband was the very wealthy Thomas Huger Pratt, who not long after Daria had won the Bronze Medal in Ladies' Golf at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris, France.


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