Monday, June 25, 2012

Prince Andrew: terror in the royal gardens

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June 25, 1962

Prince Andrew, the 28-month old son, of Queen Elizabeth II, is described as "a toddler who likes to dig up the royal flowers," reports the Associated Press.

A friend of the royal family says of the young prince: "He's a sweet and extremely active baby, and he likes gardening - much to the alarm of the palace gardeners."

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 His Royal Highness Princess Andrew Albert Christian Edward, is enjoying "his first-ever active summer in the open."  Recently his mother gave him a "small spade, fork and rake," to play with outside.   According to the AP's report, "he went for the spade.  Then he went for the royal flowers."

Palace gardeners and Andrew's nurse had to intervene to keep the little prince for doing further damage.

The young prince has blue eyes and light-hair, and resembles his father, Prince Philip.  He spends a lot of time with two canine companions, Whiskey and Sherry, corgis who belong his mother.  Andrew is also said to enjoy a pink elephant that was made for him by his elder brother, Prince Charles.  But his favorite toy is said to be a "beat up teddy" that had been handed down from Prince Charles to Princess, and now to Prince Andrew.

His grandmother recently said to a friend:  "He's very active, especially when he sees a bouncing ball. I'm sure he'll be a football player."

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