Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Queen Proclaimed

June 20, 1837

The young Queen Victoria entered the Privy Council meeting at Kensington Palace at 11 o'clock. She was accompanied by her mother, the Duchess of Kent and members of her household.  According to The Times, she "took her seat on a throne which had been erected for the occasion."

After she was seated, the Lord Chancellor administered the "usual oaths," to the queen, that "she would govern the kingdom, according to the laws and customs, afford security to the Church of Scotland," etc.

The Cabinet Ministers moved toward the throne, knelt before Victoria, and "took oaths of allegiance and supremacy.  They then "tendered to the Queen the seals of their respective offices, which Her Majesty was most graciously pleased to return, and they severally kissed hands on their re-appointment."

A proclamation was ordered, "proclaiming Her Majesty, with the usual ceremonies, as Queen Alexandrina Victoria I."

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