Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A new Queen for Britain

June 20, 1837

The London Gazette is reporting the following:  "On Tuesday morning, June 2o inst., at 12 minutes past 2 o'clock, our late most gracious Sovereign King William IV, expired at his Castle of Windsor, in the 72nd year of his age and the seventh year of his reign.  This event has caused one universal feeling of regret and sorrow  to his late Majesty's faithful and attached subjects, to whom he was endeared by the deep interest in their welfare which he invariably manifested as as by the manly virtues which marked and adorned his character.
Upon the intimation of this distressing event, the Lords of the Privy Council assembled this day at Kensington Palace, and gave orders for proclaiming her present Majesty, who made a most gracious declaration to them, and caused all the Lords and others of the late King's Privy Council, who were then present, to be sworn of Her Majesty's Privy Council.
Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to call to His mercy our late Sovereign Lord King William IV., of blessed and glorious memory, by whose ceased the Imperial Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is solely and rightfully come to the high and mighty Princess Alexandrina Victoria, saving the rights of any issue of his late Majesty King William IV, which may be born of his late Majesty's consort -- we, therefore, the Lords Spiritual and temporal of this real, being here assisted with these of his late Majesty's Privy Council, with numbers of other principal Gentlemen of Quality, with the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and citizens of London, do now hereby, with one voice and consent of tongue and heart, publish and proclaim that the high and mighty Princess Alexandrina Victoria, is now, by the death of our late Sovereign, of happy memory, become our only lawful and rightful Liege Lady Victoria, by the Grace of God, Queen of the united Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, saving as aforesaid. To whom, saving as aforesaid, we do acknowledge all faith and constant obedience with all hearty and humble affection, beseeching God, by whom Kings and Queens do reign, to bless the Royal Princess Victoria with long and happy years to reign over us.

Given at the Court of Kensington, this 20th day of June 1837.  God Save the Queen."

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