Thursday, June 28, 2012

London eager to see Spanish king

June 28, 1926

The British public are "showing unusual interest" in the arrival of King Alfonso XIII of Spain, reports the New York Times.  He arrives in London on Wednesday, and will be accompanied by Queen Victoria Eugenia, and two of their children, Alfonso, the Prince of Asturias, and Infanta Beatriz.

It jas been several years since the king's last visit to England.  He used to make "almost annual" visits to the country.

On Saturday, the Spanish royal family will join King George V and Queen Mary at the Royal Air Force exhibit at Hendon.  The Duke of York, Prince and Princess Arthur of Connaught and Prince Chichibu of Japan will also be present.

The King will receive an honorary degree from Oxford University of July 5.  The next day, the king and queen will attend a banquet hosted by the Spanish Ambassador.  The Prince of Wales and the Duke of York will be among the more than 200 "other distinguished guests."

TThe King and Queen and their children will stay at a London hotel, and not at Kensington Palace, as first announced.

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