Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kira: the press "write" their diary

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June 13, 1938

The newly married Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia and Grand Duchess Kira of Russia "disclosed today that they had hit upon a labor-saving way to keep a diary of their round-the-world honeymoon trip."

The couple are currently in Chicago. According to the Associated Press, the Princess was asked how she and her husband "liked being interviewed every place they want."

"Oh, we like it.  You have no idea how much work it saves us," Kira said.

One reporter, obviously puzzled by the comment, responded: "Work?"

"Yes, work,"  the princess replied.  "We want a diary of our trip, and if it weren't for the photographers and reporters just think of the work and time we would have to take writing down our impressions.
"As it is we just tell them to the reporters -- and then clip the newspapers."

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