Friday, June 22, 2012

Duke of Cumberland takes oath as a peer

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June 22 1837

The Duke of Cumberland took the oaths as a Peer of Parliament earlier today,  as according to The Times, he will not "leave his proxy with any noble lord." 

This action was not unexpected, as the Duke, who succeeded his brother, William IV, as King of Hanover, will be leaving shortly for his new kingdom. His decision is "consistent with what is due to his Hanoverian subjects and his own dignity."

Tonight the King of Hanover visited Queen Victoria today at Kensington Palace.  

Princess Augusta is staying with her sister, Mary, the Duchess of Gloucester at Gloucester House. They also visited the Queen at Kensington Palace earlier today, as did the Duke of Sussex.

The new Queen of Hanover, Queen Frederika, and the new Crown Prince Georg, will also be leaving for Hanover.  The Queen also has seven children by her first two husbands.  She also has several grandchildren, "the progeny of her son, Prince Friedrich of Prussia," and two daughters, the Duchess of Anhalt Dessau and Princess Albert of Schwarzburg.

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