Friday, June 29, 2012

The death of the Prince Reuss

Heinrich IV, Prince Reuss died on June 20 at his home in Ernstbrunn, Austria.  He was 93 years old.

"My beloved father, the Prince Reuss, 93 years old, died surrounded by his children and grandchildren, said his son, Heinrich XIV, who succeeds his father as the head of the Princely House of Reuss.

Much of the family property was in Gera, which was a part of East Germany.  After the collapse of the German Democratic Republic in 1990, the Prince Reuss was able to reclaim the family estate, including land and forestry operations.  He was able to make the claim because of his Austrian birth.

Prince Heinrich IV was born on October 26, 1919 at Schloss Ernstbrunn.  He was the eldest son of Heinrich XXXIX, Prince Reuss, and Countess Antonia zu Castell-Castell. 

On June 10, 1954  Prince Reuss married Princess Marie Luise of Salm-Horstmar.  He is survived by his wife and their four children,  Heinrich XIV,  Princess Johanetta, a Lutheran pastor, Princess Caroline (the wife of Baron Carl Philipp Hohenbühel) and Princess Esperance, Countess Johannes Kinsky von Wchinitz.

Prince Heinrich XIV's only son, Prince Heinrich XXIX is now the heir.  He was born in 1997.



yooperprof said...

I was very confused by the peculiar numbering in the Reuss family line, until I found this entry on Wikipedia:

"The House of Reuss practises an unusual system of naming and numbering the male members of the family, every one of which for centuries has borne the name "Heinrich". While most royal and noble houses give numbers only to the reigning head of the house, and that in the order of his reign, the Reuss Younger Line used a numbering sequence for all male family members which began and ended roughly as centuries began and ended. In consequence of this naming system, certain heads of the Reuss Younger Line have had the highest numbers attached to their name of any European nobility. Note also that the male children within a single nuclear family need not bear sequential numbers, as all members of the larger family use a common numbering system. For example, the sons of Prince Heinrich LXVII Reuss of Schleiz, in order of their births, used the names Heinrich V, Heinrich VIII, Heinrich XI, Heinrich XIV, and Heinrich XVI."

emeraldcity said...

Totally confused......there is a Heinrich the 4th, 14th, 19th, 29th and 39th listed in the article. Heinrich the 4th was the son of Heinrich the 39TH and Heinrich the 14th's son is Heinrich the 29TH?

John said...

Are QVD's or related to any?

emeraldcity said...

Thank you for that explanation 'yooperprof' if all the males are named Heinrich it must get really confusing at family reunion time.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Not qvd.

yooperprof said...

Perhaps confusion reigns at family reunions - but think of all the money saved on monograms and name-labels on clothing!

yooperprof said...

Perhaps confusing at family reunions, but maybe there's this kind of discussion:

"Hey 36, come over here. 24 wants to talk to you. Don't you think that your brother 47 looks just like his uncle 17?"

And just think of all the money saved on monograms!