Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The death of the King of Saxony

June 19, 1902

King Albert of Saxony died at 8 p.m. tonight, according to press reports.  He had been ill for "some time."  Earlier today, it was announced officially that the king had appointed his younger brother, Prince Georg, as regent.  As Albert had no children, Georg now succeeds as King of Saxony.

The king died at Susyl-le-Nort.  All "modern scientific appliances" could not save his wife.   The queen, doctors and "members of his court were unceasingly active on his behalf."

The king will be mourned by all of Germany.  King Albert was born in 1828.  He was the eldest son of King Johann and Queen Amalie of Saxony.  His mother was the daughter of King Maximilian I of Bavaria.

He succeeded to the throne in 1873.   Twenty years earlier, the then Crown Prince Albert married Princess Carola of Vasa, daughter of Prince Gustav Vasa.  Their marriage was childless. 

The new King Georg's daughter, eldest daughter, Princess Mathilde, has been "devoted to the king" during his final illness.

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