Friday, June 15, 2012

A busy day for King George of Greece

June 15, 1942

King George II of the Hellenes today had a very busy day in Washington, D.C., according to the New York Times.  He addressed the House and Senate, spent some time with Crown Princess Martha of Norway, and took time out of his busy schedule to receive a Greek-born peanut vendor at the White House.

The King wire the uniform of a Field Marshall of the Greek Army.   He "emphasized to both houses of Congress his hopes that the suffering of this war would result in a new and more equal order," where all nations would "play their part in keeping the piece."

The King said: "The preservation of freedom is not the obligation of any single people in any one part of the world; it is an obligation of all peace-loving peoples throughout the world. The simple truth is the base-rock of international understanding and the cornerstone for cooperation between free men in the world to come."

King George read the same speech to both houses.  "Greece proved by its stand that no price is too high to pay for human freedom and international decency.  Today, when more than ever victory is clearly discernible on the flaming horizon, she is determined to contribute whatever she can toward that victory.  Knowing the boundless resources which the American people are placing in motion for the common effort, I feel duty bound to speak with great modesty of my country's contribution to the same cause. However, small that contribution may appear in contrast with everything you are doing, it is everything we have."

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