Sunday, June 3, 2012

A boy for Lady Davina

While on the train en route to Battersea Park for the flotilla, I read in the Sunday Telegraph that Lady Davina Lewis, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, recently gave birth to a son. 

Now drying out.  What a wonderful day!


Hopewell said...

Couldn't find the announcement. There are so many royal birthdays in June historically. George V, Edward VIII, Prince Philip, etc.

Hopewell said...

found it never mind

Michelle said...

so jealous of you right now! i've only spent a grand total of 8 days in england (july 2004) and just my luck, i happened to be in london for the diana fountain dedication. so we saw most of the royal family all in one go! i thought it was normal to see them all out at a single event, but apparently, not so much.

too bad about the weather for the river event... but looks like you got some great pictures regardless! hope you're having a blast!