Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Amelie elopes with chauffeur

June 13, 1908

There are now "ten different versions" published about the Princess Amelie of Fürstenberg's love affairs, according to the Los Angeles Times, but "the news of her having left her mother's house only leaked yesterday."

No one can "excuse the fact," or even change it, but "the annals of the illustrious family of Fürstenberg" with include the statement that Princess Amelie, "undisputed beauty of three carnivals of Vienna," has run off with a chauffeur.

The Princess is said to "beautiful almost beyond description."  She is "tall and willowy, graceful and stately."  Her figure and form "are incomparable.  Her face has "all the refinement of the old races she springs from," and she prefers unconventional dress, never "according to fashion."  She never wears any ornaments, and her hair has been dyed a "magnificent reddish blonde."

Princess Amelie has "refused partners, or accepted them just as she liked, without considering their birthrights," and spent time with "any one she liked," as she was indulged by her mother "who has been just the same in the days of her youth."

On May 24, Princess Amelie left Berlin with her lover.  They boarded a Northern Railway train for London.  She turned 24 on March 17, so her family hopes that they can "argue her out her plans" to marry.


Manon said...

Dear Marlene

Would you have a picture of this " beauty" ?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

No, I do not.