Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Alfonso determined to marry his princess

June 27, 1908

Prince Alfonso de Orleans-Borbon is a very determined young man.  Earlier today he told a reporter for the Los Angeles Times that "I will marry Beatrice if I have to quit Spain, leave her army,  and forfeit my princely privileges.  No sacrifice is too great for me to make for her sake, although I hope she may yet become reconciled to the Catholic church."

Alfonso, a first cousin of King Alfonso XIII, is in love with Princess Beatrice of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria.  She is a first cousin of Queen Victoria Eugenia. 

It seems that the question of religion is "the only barrier" to a marriage between Alfonso, the son of Infanta Eulalia, and Princess Beatrice.  Infanta Eulalia and her husband, Prince Antonio, Duke of Galliera, have "stoutly opposed" the marriage, but Prince Alfonso appears to have "won his mother over to his cause."   

Infanta Eulalia recently arrived in Madrid from her home in Paris, met with her nephew, King Alfonso and told him that "he better induce the Pope to grant a dispensation, as Alfonso and Beatrice are determined to get married anyway."

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