Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wilhelmina declares war on Japan

December 8, 1941

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands has issued a 500-word proclamation to her people, stating that the kingdom of the Netherlands considers itself at war with Japan," reports the Associated Press.

The Japanese sea and air forces "without a preceding declaration of war have made surprise attacks on American and British territory. Thus, war has been forced upon the republic of the United States and on the British empire. Neither the safety of the territory of our empire in the East nor the bond which ties us to our British allies nor the specific associations between the Netherlands and the United States allows the government of the kingdom to remain innocent.

"The kingdom considers itself at war with Japan because of aggression, which aims at destroying peace-loving nations, one after the other can, must and will be resisted in firm alliance."

Queen Wilhelmina made the proclamation in London, where she is now living, after fleeing the German occupation of her country earlier this year.

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