Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Queen Wilhelmina's marital difficulties

December 7, 1901

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands' "domestic infelicities" are the talk of the European courts, reports the New York Times today.   The "romantic halo surrounding the young Queen has only helped to "accentuate public curiosity and sympathy" for her marital problems.

The alleged failure of her marriage may have "grave political consequences for Europe," and recent developments are being "followed closely" by diplomats and government officials. 

There are others who feel that the situation "will blow over for the present," but there may be "grave apprehensions for the future."

The British royal house is more concerned in the situation in Hesse, where Grand Duchess Victoria Melita is "on the verge of separation from her husband."   Victoria Melita was only eighteen when she married her first cousin, Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine.    The marriage has proved to be "one of the most unsatisfactory among all the royal matches."  Many believe that the marriage would never have taken place without Queen Victoria's "imperious influence" in her two grandchildrens' lives.

Victoria Melita is the second daughter of The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.  The Duke' eldest daughter, the Crown Princess of Romania is also said to be unhappily married.  However, recent reports of a separation  have been met with "official denials."

But no one in England would be surprised if the Crown Princess and her husband were also separating.

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