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Miss Cornwallis-West marries Prince of Pless

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December 8, 1891

Miss Mary Theresa Olivia Cornwallis-West, eldest daughter of Col. Cornwallis-West, MP, and Mrs. Cornwallis-West, was married today at St, Margaret's Westminster, to Prince Hans Heinrich of Pless,  reports the New York Times.

There was a "brilliant gathering at the church of relatives and friends."  The most prominent of guests were the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Prince and Princess of Saxe-Weimar,  Prince Heinrich Pless XI, the father of the groom; Count Deym, the Marquess and Marchioness of Headford, Count Hochberg, Lord Sackville, and "all the members of the Diplomatic Corps in London, including Mr. Henry White, Secretary of the American Legation.

Miss Cornwallis-West wore an "empire gown of white satin, edged with a cloud of silk malines tulle, caught up with garlands of orange blossoms."   The gown had a "low bodice and was completed with an under dress of silk embroidery, in empire design."  Her train was five yards in length, and was made of brocade, "draped from the shoulder, with a silver collar."

The bride wore a crown of diamonds, a gift from her husband, and a "necklace, buckle, and aigrette of diamonds."

The wedding reception followed the ceremony at the bride's family home in London at 30 Portman Square.   The newlyweds will spend their honeymoon in Paris and on the Riviera.

When the new Princess Hans Heinrich of Pless departed for the honeymoon, she wore traveling dress made of Russian green velvet. The gown's skirt was "trimmed with Egyptian embroidery of delicate tints, intermixed with gold and bordered on either side  with a piping of otter."  The gown is covered by  a long Louis XVI coat "of the same velvet, having a large revere and collar and sleeves of embroidery to correspond with the dress."  The coat is also edged with otter.

Prince Hans Heinrich of Pless, 30, is the eldest of three sons of the Prince of Pless, a "Silesian magnate and Senator of the German Empire.   Prince Hans Heinrich, who is known as Henry, serves as a captain in the Imperial Hussars. He has also spent time in Germany's diplomatic service, and served as an attaché in Paris and as Secretary of the German Legation in London.   He does not current serve in the German Empire's diplomatic service, but "is likely to be called upon to resume it."   His father has given him one of the family castle's, Schloss Fürstenstein, near Salzbrunn in Silesia.

The newlyweds will divide their time between the schloss and England.

The princess' mother, Mrs. Cornwallis-West has been described by the New York Times as a "society beauty."

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