Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Doctored photos ...involving King Carl XVI Gustaf

Former strip club owner and "reputed gangster" Mille Markovic had planned to release "compromising" photographs of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. but these photographs are probably fakes and were manipulated according to Clive Burchett, operations Director at LGC Digital and Document Forensics.

Markovic provided several images to the Swedish daily newspaper, Expressan, which published the photographs last Friday.  Three "independent experts" studied the images, and all three came to the same inclusion:  the image said to be the king "has been at least partly manipulated," according to the Local. 

The image shows a man "sitting back and watching undressed women" in a strip club.  Markovic claims that the man is King Carl Gustaf. 

But further examination by experts now "indicate that the man's face has been switched."

Burchett told reporters:  "In some cases content has been obscured and in others it may have been changed.  I can't say for certain but it is my opinion that a male person may have been electronically pasted into the scene."

A spokesman for the Royal Court said to the TT news agency: "We are happy that a serious investigation of the images have been carried out."


The rumors began last year with the publication of a new biography of the King.   The book, The Unwilling Monarch,  included "both outright allegations and insinuations" that the king visited strip clubs and has had numerous affairs since his marriage to Queen Silvia.

The book's author also included a report that Mille Markovic, a known gangster in Sweden, had claimed that he had photographs of the king visiting strip clubs. 


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