Monday, May 24, 2010

Upcoming Princely wedding

HSH Prince Johann-Georg of Isenburg und Büdingen is to marry Sabine Rittner, a dentist, on June at the chapel at Schloss Glücksburg. A private civil wedding will take place on June 4.

The Prince and his bride-to-be are already the parents of a daughter, Anna Carolina, who was born in January.
Prince Johann-Georg is the son of the late Prince Ferdinand-Heinrich of Isenburg und Büdingen and Princess Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein.
Dr. Rittner was born on May 5, 1977 at Flensburg. She works in a family run dental practice in Laubach, headed by her father, Dr. Dietmar Bittner.

Princess Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein is the eldest of four daughters of the late Prince Friedrich-Ferdinand of Schleswig-Holstein and Duchess Anastasia zu Mecklenburg, whose mother was Princess Alexandra of Cumberland. Friedrich-Ferdinand's mother was Princess Hertha of Isenburg-Büdingen.
Princess Alexandra of Cumberland's brother, Ernst August, who married Victoria Louise of Prussia. Their youngest son, Welf-Heinrich, married Princess Alexandra of Isenburg und Büdingen, the elder sister of Prince Friedrich-Heinrich.

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