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A profile of the new King George V

May 6, 1910

The New York Times, in its profile of the new King George," notes the difference between father and son. Edward VII "was a cosmopolitan," George V "is an Englishman of the old type. The father was a "born diplomatist; the son says what he thinks -- and he thinks a good deal." Edward was fond of society, and "the new King hates it, and has done practically no entertaining." Edward "was a most accomplished linguist; George V speaks beautiful English, but has never troubled himself to learn any other language thoroughly."
Nor is the new king a bon vivant. He is not a sportsman, but rather "straightlaced, a precision, and is bored by all sport but shooting."
There is no doubt that the new Court will be "entirely transformed. It is understood that the new king "is not fond of Americans, while his father's enjoyment of the wit and brightness of American women was well known." The new king does not have any prejudices toward Americans. "It is simply that he prefers Englishmen and Englishwomen to foreigners of any nationality."
George V does have an advantage over his late father. In his later years, Edward's voice was very hard to understand, due to the bronchial trouble that eventually cased his death. George "has a voice of extraordinary strength and clearness," and there is no doubt that he could become the finest royal orator in Europe."
Prince George Frederick Ernest Albert was born on June 3, 1865 at Marlborough House, the second son of the Prince and Princess of Wales. He became second in line to the throne when his older brother, Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence, died on January 14, 1892 from pneumonia. One month earlier, the Duke of Clarence had become engaged to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck.
It came as no surprise that the Princess, who was "well liked by the people," ought to marry her late fiance's younger brother, George. They were married in July 1893.
The new heir to the throne is King George and Queen Mary's first son, Prince Edward, now the Duke of Cornwall, who will celebrate his 16th birthday in June.
It is expected that the new king will create his son as Prince of Wales in the not-to-distant future.

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