Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Police seek runaway princess

May 25, 1908

Princess Amalie Luise of Fürstenberg has run off with "the local agent of an automobile company named Kozian," according to the New York Times. She is the sister of Prince Emil Egon zu Fürstenberg, head of the Königshof branch of the princely family. Austrian police are "actively at work trying to locate the fugitives."
Princess Amalie Luise is 24 years old. Her family owns large estates in Bohemia and a palace in Vienna. She was born at Lana on March 17, 1884. Her father, Prince Emil Egon, died in 1899.
It is believed that the princess and her lover are en route to London, where they plan to marry in a registry office.


savoiabeatrice said...

Marlene, I thought this article was interesting. I looked her up and found she married this man but nothing more on her or the marriage. Do you know anything about her or did the marriage last? Bea

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Not a lot. She married Gustav von Koczian in July 1908. Marriage did end in divorce, and she remarried in 1917 to Gustav Scanzoni von Lichtenfels