Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh dear - she just doesn't get it

Sarah continues to joke about her situation.

What will happen? Well, we shall see, won't we? I hope Prince Andrew (and the Queen) impresses on Sarah the need to stop using Duchess of York as a part of her name if she continues in the business world.

She also plans to record an apology, which will be shown on Oprah's show next week. Why? It's not the American viewers of Oprah who need to hear a penitent true apology? Sarah needs to see Andrew face to face and apologize to him for what she did ... and to her daughters for not being a good role model.
The average American doesn't care about Sarah Ferguson or her escapades. By allowing Sarah to "apologize," Oprah will become one of Sarah's many enablers, one of whom is her own ex-husband.


John said...

Yes, this is so strange! Apologzing on 'Oprah', here in The States????

I don't think she (Oprah) is going to get a lot of ratings on this one: who really cares about Sarah Ferguson here?
But it's safer, I suppose. We (The US) gave her some opportunities and she always bragged how forgiving and lovely we were to her compared to The UK. Well this time, I think she needs to face the music and apologize to her ex-husband's country and to HM.

This is just awful. Where is Hnery VIII and the chopping block when needed?

Little Sis said...

Will she get paid for going on the record on the show? If Oprah has the money and wants to share then that's her right. I believe Sarah would help Oprah out without pause if the fortunes were reversed.

Happy Birthday Buddy!