Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nicholas taken from Tobolsk to Ekaterinburg

May 4, 1918

According to an Associated Press dispatch, the former Russian emperor Nicholas Romanoff, together with the former Empress and one of their daughters, has been "transferred from Tobolsk to Ekaterinburg.
Ekaterinburg is 170 miles southeast of Perm "on the Asiatic side of the Ural Mountains." The announcement was made by the Soviets, who noted that the "transfer was ordered because of the alleged efforts of peasants and monarchists" in the Tobolsk area "to promote the escape of the prisoners.
The announcement does not mention Nicholas' only son, Alexis. Last month, Scandinavian sources reported on the serious rioting in Petrograd and that Alexis had been proclaimed Emperor with his uncle, Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovitch as regent. Other reports, coming out of Russia, have "contained nothing to confirm these reports," and on Thursday, the British House of Commons said that the Foreign Office did not have any "official confirmation" of a counter-revolution.
These reports may have originated with the Germans, and the German Foreign Office has "manifested keen interest" in the rumors.
The whereabouts of the young Alexis were not mentioned in the reports. Nicholas and his family have been prisoners at Tobolsk since last August.

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